The Experts for High-Performance Lubricants

Addinol high-performance lubricants
ADDINOL develop and produce high-performance lubricants of the new generation. Among these are automotive lubricants for highest demands and pioneering developments for industrial applications.
ADDINOL customers all over the world benefit from the high and stable quality of high-performance lubricants, their know-how and the individual customer advisory service of their competent experts.

Highest Number (more than 150) of approvals of leading OEM for automotive lubricants made by ADDINOL

HMACS a Sales Partner of ADDINOL!
ADDINOL has numerous sales partners all over the world and they are represented in more than 90 countries and on all continents. HMACS is highly privileged to be a Sales Partner of ADDINOL in the Karnataka State, India.
HMACS will provide the ADDINOL products of highest quality, extensive and competent support to its customers.
hmacs sales partner